Meseta Review & a brief history of Chillwave

So, let’s start with a bit of background. I started as a musician but slowly turned into a music lover/enthusiast. My best friend taught me how to first play the guitar back in ’08-’09. He taught me how to (incorrectly) play Seven Nation Army and apparently I can’t let go of the fact that I corrected him on how to play it to this day. Anyways, I was your typical, punk-then-grunge-then-metal-then-back to punk guitar player. I even auditioned for my High School Jazz Band by playing Fade to Black by Metallica. Cringeworthy, I know. The next year I actually learned some chord voicings, how to read a bit of sheet music and I was in. I honestly just wanted to play guitar in school but after a year fell in love with Jazz and some of the stuff I was learning. Fast forward to about 2 years later and I was looking for new music that included some sort of jazz anything.

I stumbled upon Chillwave in about 2011 and it essentially changed my life. The only real tie to Jazz Chillwave had was the consistent use of the Maj7 chord used throughout but I digress.

Now, Chillwave started in the same way Shoegaze or TripHop started. Very few artists involved and it had a very distinct sound. The big names that contributed to Chillwave include Washed Out, Toro Y Moi, and Neon Indian and it was mostly popular on the internet. Now the thing about the inception of Chillwave was that it wasn’t artist driven or even album driven. It was mostly a few songs that the artists had come up with that had a wavy, hazy, dreamy, lo-fi sound (Washed Out’s first record was literally done in his bedroom entirely).

With that being said, Chillwave was similar to Shoegaze in that within a year or so, it died. Almost entirely. There were still hints of it floating around the internet with the likes of Blackbird Blackbird, Teen Daze  (Four Years Strong), and others. Some artists (I believe) became completely mislabeled as Chillwave like XXYYXX, Tycho, and others which essentially diluted Chillwave into nothing.


Meseta is a different story. This artist came out of nowhere and currently has two tracks on Soundcloud which are dated 7 months old and 20 days old and that’s about all I know of this artist. So, I’m confused about the timing/structure/all of it but honestly I’m left wanting so much more. I’m not sure how I stumbled upon Meseta’s music but damn am I glad I did. feversuit and mackscorner are both that lo-fi, crunchy, pretty goodness I found when I listened to Talamak by Toro Y Moi or Feel it all around by Washed Out. These tracks encompass just about everything that Chillwave started on and doesn’t dilute it whatsoever. As you listen with a nice pair of headphones you are surrounded by sounds of arpeggiated synths, simple drum loops, and (no pun intended) washed out vocals that makes the song feel like a wave of sound crashing down in this soft, hazy mix of summer feelings. While retaining a lot of the characteristics of the iconic starting sounds of Chillwave, Meseta keeps it refreshing and original while also nostalgic.

Here’s Meseta’s Soundcloud page, which I also linked above. Check it out and show your friends.

#chillwavesnotdead Shot 2016-03-16 at 11.16.17 PM


2 thoughts on “Meseta Review & a brief history of Chillwave

  1. Very nice. Meseta definitely gives you that calm, soothing feeling while listening too. Has a smooth transition into the beats unlike some other tracks. I love finding these new styles out there like what you found. I like listening to EDM mainly since there are so many different styles like house, Moombahton, trance, techno, electro and of course dubstep. This reminds me of deep house (or some refer to electro chillout) but more relaxing. Great post. Looking forward to seeing more. 😀


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